Wildlife poaching and trafficking are progressively complex issues and are increasing the risk of extinction for many endangered and rare species of wildlife, adversely affecting natural resources and rural communities, generating illegal profits for international crime syndicates, and resulting in the risk of new infectious diseases. Response to this global threat is equally varied and complex. Comprehensive and realistic approaches are needed across the entire trade chain, including preserving wildlife populations and habitat, sustainably managing legal trade, curbing poaching, strengthening legislation and enforcement, preventing illegally traded wildlife from crossing borders, and reducing demand for illegally traded wildlife in consumer markets.

On 17 and 18 November, the Government of Vietnam is hosting the Hanoi Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade, the third of a series of global conferences, which included the London (2014) and Kasane (2015) Conferences on Illegal Wildlife Trade. The Hanoi Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade will result in an action plan that will call for reasoned, tangible, and unified action against illegal wildlife trade.