Announcement of publishing One year review of progress on proposed actions of the Hanoi Statement on illegal wildlife trade

Ha Noi, 31/05/2018 – Today the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) together with the British Embassy in Vietnam announced the report on One-year review of progress on proposed actions of the Hanoi Statement on illegal wildlife trade (IWT) in 2016. The report was compiled by Vietnam Ministry Of Agriculture And Rural Development from 25 countries and international organisations, highlighting the progress stated in  the Hanoi Statement on IWT that were pledged to eradicate the market for illegal wildlife products.

At the event, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural development Dr.Ha Cong Tuan awarded the commemorative medal to the British Ambassador to Vietnam Giles Lever for the invaluable contributions to the cause of agriculture and rural development of Vietnam. Mr Giles Lever and his colleagues at the British Embassy have made continuous efforts in elevating the importance of tackling IWT and promoting the achievements of Vietnam in IWT to the international community.

The Report on One year review of progress on proposed actions is a bridge between the Hanoi Conference on IWT in 2016 and the upcomg London Conference on IWT in October 2018 hosted by the UK government. The report follows the four main themes set out at the Hanoi Conference on IWT: eradicating markets for illegal wildlife products, ensuring effective legal frameworks, strengthening law enforcement, and sustainable livelihoods and economic development. Respondents highlighted the tremendous work that has been implemented against their actions since the Conference, including a domestic ivory ban in China, a nine million-dollar project on IWT supported by the US Government for Vietnam, or a revised Penal Code in Vietnam with the maximum jail time for wildlife crimes at 15 years.

 “Vietnam is committed to take stronger measures and continue to take a leading role in the regional and international cooperation to fight illegal wildlife trade” Deputy Minister Ha Cong Tuan said.

Ambassador Giles Lever showed his appreciation for the medal and added: “I have seen major changes in IWT in the last 25 years since I started my diplomacy career here in Vietnam in 1994. The UK Government will continue to support Vietnam to tackle this challenge”

A delegation of Vietnam led by a high-level government leader is planned to attend the London Conference on illegal wildlife trade in October 2018./.

The Vietnam CITES Management Authority: under the VNFOREST of the Ministry of Agriculture and Development is the focal point for implementing the Hanoi Statement and tackling illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam.
Hanoi Statement 2016 on IWT (in four languages):
Full version of the report One-year review of progress on proposed actions:

Download full version of the One year review of the process on proposed actions of the Hanoi Statement on Illegal wildlife trade: link