The Eighth annual World Pangolin Day will be celebrated on 16 February 2019!

Do you know that there are eight species of pangolin: four Asian species and four African species? Thanks to the unfortunate belief of some Asian countries including Viet Nam that pangolin flesh, scales are have medicinal benefits, pangolin species become scarce due to increasingly trafficking for illegal markets. The International Association for Conservation of Nature estimates that a total of about one million pangolins have been traded across the border over the past decade, making it the world’s longest trafficked mammal.
According to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, all pangolin species are experiencing decreasing populations. Pangolin species are listed in CITES Appendix I which bans international trade in pangolins and their parts or derivatives. In according to the Viet Nam Penal Code, the trade of pangolins and their parts or derivatives is illegal and could lead to be sentenced of imprisonment.
Pangolin is the only mammal covered in scale in the planet. A pangolin is said to eat up to 70 million ants and termites every year. “It is extremely important to consider ecological balance.” (Timothy Bonebrake, Hong Kong University, 2017).

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