The UK Ambassador in Vietnam, Mr.Giles Lever raps about the illegal wildlife trading

Mr.Giles Lever, the UK Ambassador in Vietnam rises an urgent voice to the community to save the wildlife. The message is to say “No” to the products from rhino horn, ivory, expensive fur coats. This is the shortest path leading to the distinction of the nature.

On 17 and 18 November 2016, Vietnam will host the 3rd international conference on illegal wildlife trading (the Hanoi IWT) to call for an international commitment to tackle problem of illegal trafficking of wild flora and fauna with solutions and actions.

Through IWT, Vietnam will continue to affirm the role and leading position in the region and the international community in the prevention of illegal wildlife trading; thereby contributing to improve the position and image of Vietnam.

Mr.Giles Lever commented on the complication of the illegal wildlife trading and consumption of wildlife in Asia. Vietnam has updated the Criminal Code, issued Prime Minister’s Directive on wildlife to address the illegal wildlife trading.

To contribute to the success of the Hanoi IWT, the UK Government has provided financial support for Vietnam to organize the conference. The UK Government would like to continue to work closely with the Vietnam Ministry of Agriculture and Rural development on the preparation of this event.

(Source: Vietnam CITES Management Authority and the British Embassy in Hanoi)