UNGA approved the Resolution on Tackling Illicit Wildlife Trade

In September 2017, the 193 Member States of the United Nations General Assembly adopted a comprehensive Resolution on Tackling illicit wildlife trafficking at the final meeting of the 71st session on Monday. The Resolution reaffirms the intrinsic value of wildlife and expresses concern over the detrimental effect that illegal wildlife trade has on the worlds iconic species, calling for international commitment to take decisive steps at the national level to prevent, combat and eradicate the illegal trade in wildlife.
The Resolution highlighted the significance of cooperation between Member states, including in adopting the 2016 Hanoi Statement on Illegal Wildlife Trade, specifically:
“Welcoming also the efforts of and cooperation between Member States, intergovernmental organizations and non-governmental organizations, as well as activities of United Nations agencies and other entities, aimed at preventing and fighting illicit trafficking in wildlife, and in this regard taking note of the Paris Declaration of 2013, the London Declaration of 2014, the Kasane Statement of 2015, the Brazzaville Declaration of 2015 and the Hanoi Statement of 2016”.
Ha Thi Tuyet Nga, Director of the Vietnam CITES Management Authority, who was involved in the planning of and provided direction for the Hanoi Conference said, “Vietnam is working hard to continue the momentum brought by the Hanoi Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade, for which world leaders came together to determine action to support their commitments to tackle wildlife trafficking. With this Resolution, leaders have renewed their commitments to work together to stop the insidious trade in illegal wildlife.”
In drafting the resolution, the UN General Assembly highlighted and shared many of the priorities for tackling illegal wildlife trade, including the four conference themes: Eradicating the Market for Illegal Wildlife Products, Ensuring Effective Legal Frameworks and Deterrents, Strengthening Law Enforcement, and Sustainable Livelihoods and Economic Development.
The Hanoi Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade was the third global high level conference on illegal wildlife trade after the ground-breaking London (2014), and Kasane (2015) Conferences. The Hanoi Statement on Illegal Wildlife Trade carried the outcomes of these conferences into the future with a focus on international cooperation to implement commitments made in the London Declaration and Kasane Statement, through voluntary concerted actions proposed by those adopting the Hanoi Statement. The content of the Hanoi Statement is available at http://iwthanoi.vn/hanoi-statement/.


The full context of the UN Resolution – Article 13:

English version: Nghị quyết ĐHĐ LHQ – Mục 13 – Chống buôn lậu động thực vật hoang dã (2017) EN

Vietnamese version: Nghị quyết ĐHĐ LHQ – Mục 13 – Chống buôn lậu động thực vật hoang dã (2017) VN